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The David Bowie Path to Maximizing Starseed Coaching Outcomes

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Starseeds walk among the earth, but their roots derive from lands far off from terra firma. These people find life on earth is overall positive, but often feel something is missing. Connecting with the spiritual dimensions of an intergalactic past may fill voids in life. Knowing how to explore a path to improvement isn’t easy. Working with a starseed coach, however, could reveal the answers necessary for a more fulfilled life. Read More»

5 Reasons Bulimics Should Consider Inpatient Care

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Bulimia is often mistakenly thought of as a less-serious eating disorder than anorexia. Because many bulimics maintain a normal weight, some people are under the misconception that bulumia is not that big of a deal or that it does not require serious treatment. This could not be further from the truth. Bulimia can lead to serious dental damage, ruptured esophagus, heart problems, and death. If you suspect you may have bulimia, you need to take the condition seriously and get help. Read More»

Why Choose an Employment Placement Facility to Get a Job

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Whether you’ve recently been laid off, you have a hard time securing employment, you’ve recently left jail or rehab, or haven’t been employed in some time, it’s hard sometimes to know where to start to get a decent employer. There are employment placement services such as Employment Solutions LLC that can help. These programs are designed to match people seeking work with employers seeking employees with certain skills. Thus, you can improve your life and give you the financial independence and stability you need. Read More»