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So You've Scheduled Your First Session With An Online Life Coach: Now What?

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Investing in online life coaching can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself, but you can get even more out of the arrangement if you're fully prepared. Online coaching is convenient while being as effective, if not more so, than any other means of meeting. Make sure you're prepared for your first session so that no matter what your goals are, you and the coach know exactly how to get to them and you feel at ease with the whole process.

Buy Yourself A Journal

You'll definitely want to take notes during your sessions with your online coach, but it's also important to chart your intentions first. Buy a notebook that suits your personality and find a secure place to store it.

Be Honest About Documenting What You Really Want

A life coach can assist you with anything from getting a better job to reducing stress to living with more confidence to learning to say "No" to people. It's all up to you; however, it's essential that you reach down deep inside yourself to determine what it is you really want from these sessions, lest you not actually ever get it.

Write Down What's Holding You Back

While you don't want to beat yourself up over anything, you do want to note the obstacles that have held you back so you can learn to overcome them. Whether it's procrastination, anxiety, or the fact that you've been serving others, like kids and a spouse, for so long that you've totally forgotten how to fulfill your own needs.

Jot Down Questions For The Life Coach

Because you want your mind to grasp the concept of success with the sessions, even visualizing the progress you'll make, you need to understand how the entire process works, which means asking questions of your coach. How many people have they helped before you? How long do they usually end up coaching someone? How soon before you can begin to reach your goals? Especially if you have any doubts, let the questions you ask clear them up.

Have An Open Mind About The Process

Working online has many benefits over seeing a coach in person, especially if you're very busy, hate commutes, are somewhat nervous about talking about yourself, or don't like the idea of going into an office every week. However, it's actually quite different from what you've probably experienced in the past. Still, as unusual as it might seem, you have to keep an open mind in order to make it work. The questions you ask and the goals you list should give you a good understanding of where your conversations will lead, so open your mind to the possibilities at hand.

Prepare For The Session With Oomph And Optimism

If you'll be doing video chat, definitely prepare yourself physically. Put your best face forward, showing the coach your enthusiasm and dedication. The area immediately around you should look clean, uncluttered, and presentable. Most people think that doing anything from home means lounging in pajamas without a care in the world, but in reality preparing for the activity and dressing up for it emphasizes the importance of what will ensue, even if there's no video involved. Let yourself get excited and expect the best from each session and that's most likely what will happen.

It's easy to let nerves take over when you're getting ready to talk about your life and what you want from it, especially since you're talking online to someone you don't even know. The more prepared you are, the calmer and more confident you'll be, which should lead to the positive changes you're ultimately looking for.