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The David Bowie Path to Maximizing Starseed Coaching Outcomes

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Starseeds walk among the earth, but their roots derive from lands far off from terra firma. These people find life on earth is overall positive, but often feel something is missing. Connecting with the spiritual dimensions of an intergalactic past may fill voids in life. Knowing how to explore a path to improvement isn't easy. Working with a starseed coach, however, could reveal the answers necessary for a more fulfilled life. Posing the right questions to a starseed coach, however, may prove perplexing. Why not look towards David Bowie's classic science-fiction-oriented music for inspiration?

Using the Bowie Era for Guidance

During the early 1970s, David Bowie followed his creative muse to produce intriguing music influenced by science-fiction. Listening to Bowie's lyrics, lyrics frequently centered on the confusions of people bound to earth but dreaming of the stars, open doors to reflection about a starseed existence. With the right starseed coach, a person seeking improvements can follow the guru's guidance. Discussing philosophical matters with the coach could further broaden perspectives. Here are a few examples of how:

  • Major Tom's Dilemma: The Major Tom of Bowie's "Space Oddity" has the attention of people on earth, but he's trapped in space unable to return. "And there's nothing I can do" he laments about drifting away. In life, people can feel disconnected from their surroundings, even though their professional and personal lives appear fine. Loneliness creates an emptiness inside. Bringing up feelings of isolation and emptiness may lead a coach to explore a particular path for improvements.
  • A Starman's Desire: In "Starman," the character "waiting in the sky" wants to help people, but isn't sure anyone will appreciate his message. He feels confusion and, ultimately, doesn't bring his message to earth. The song's symbolism may resonate with someone wishing he/she could connect with friends, family, and colleagues better. A coach that understands the value of building connections could work with you towards such a goal.
  • Self-Focused Ziggy: Focusing too much on the self can inhibit spiritual growth. Bowie's seminal song dealing with rock star Ziggy Stardust reveals the tragic results of someone who lives in a self-centered bubble. Perhaps the time has come to assess your interactions with others. Maybe a starseed coach can assist with exploring more social paths. Life improvements don't always occur on a solitary island.

Of course, David Bowie's music represents only one inspirational source for discussions with a starseed coach, like those at starseedsconnecting. The choices of inspiration are as limitless as the universe.